Skid steers, also known as bobcats, can assist you with various tasks. Listed below are some of the jobs that you can efficiently complete with the help of a skid steer: 


Bobcats can be very useful for farm work since they can be used for tilling, transport materials, agricultural tools, etc., and clean out stables and barns using bucket attachment. You can also invest in a bale attachment for you to easily transport bales of hay.  


Perhaps you’ll be astonished to know that skid steers can also be used for mowing. You can also cut down different types of growth like tall grasses to clear an area efficiently with the help of a rotary brush cutter. You can also cut down a few smaller trees. Since this equipment is zero-turn, they provide the accuracy that you need for mowing but with greater abilities that a typical riding mower can’t do. 


A bobcat can help you carry materials and equipment all over the job site if you use a bucket attachment. When you plan on lifting materials, you may want to think about using a vertical lift instead of a radial lift bobcat because such models can achieve a higher reach and lift heavier loads.  

Backfilling and grading 

With the help of a skid steer, you can level out the ground, fill in holes, and aerate it as well. These tasks can be done using a bucket. However, a grading bar or attachment works even better if you’re leveling. These attachments also enable the operators to pick up rocks while leveling the ground without leaving behind big trenches. If you’re working with a task done beneath the ground, a radial lift skid steer would be best used instead of a vertical lift. 

Trenching, digging and excavating 

Skid steers are best used for earthmoving tasks like excavating, trenching, and digging. There are different types of attachments you can utilize for such jobs, according to your particular needs. Some of these attachments include a wheel saw, auger, and backhoe. With the correct attachment, a bobcat will be able to dig anything from an entire foundation for a building to make the portholes narrow. 

Debris and snow removal 

Your skid steer’s bucket attachment can be utilized to clear other debris and snow, such as a brush. Moreover, you can get a snow blade or snowblower attachment when you utilize your bobcat for major snow removal.  


Skid steers can do maintenance tasks and road building as well. You can attach a pavement miller or cement mixer to your bobcat and utilize some attachments for jobs such as patching, paving, grading, patching, and demolition. 


A skid steers work great for both exterior and interior demolition projects. Your skid steer can assist you in demolishing drywall, concrete, flooring, and other materials by using demolition shears. Due to its precision and compact size, a bobcat can particularly be helpful for demolition projects in tight areas, like if you are tearing down property in a neighborhood with other homes in close proximity.