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At Third Christian Reformed Church of Denver we:
  • Preach the truths of the Bible guided by our Reformed creeds and confessions
  • Minister compassionately to those in and outside of our church community
  • Support spiritual growth through age-appropriate education programs & Christian schools
  • Encourage stewardship of our God-given talents, time and financial resources
  • Share the knowledge of God's salvation through mission work and community outreach
  • Encourage an atmosphere of grace and prayer that draws us closer to God and one another

News and Events

December 21:     9:30 AM  Worship Service

                          10:50 AM  Christmas Brunch

                            5:00 PM  Candlelight Service and Choir Cantata

December 25:   10:00 AM  Christmas Day Worship-Concluded with singing of the Hallelujah Chorus.

December 28:     9:30 AM   Worship Service with Communion

December 31:     7:00 PM  New Year's Eve Service 



2400 South Ash Street
Denver, Colorado 80222
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(303) 756-2121

(303) 692-8810


Minister of Worship
Robert Knol

Minister of Discipleship
Dave De Ridder

Ministries Coordinator
Kelly Herrema

Office Manager
Linda Schaer